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The American Journal of Physiology-Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology publishes original research covering the broad scope of molecular, cellular, and integrative aspects of normal and abnormal function of cells and components of the respiratory system. Areas of interest include conducting airways, pulmonary circulation, lung endothelial and epithelial cells, the pleura, neuroendocrine and immunologic cells in the lung, neural cells involved in control of breathing, and cells of the diaphragm and thoracic muscles. The processes to be covered in the Journal include gas-exchange, metabolic control at the cellular level, intracellular signaling, gene expression, genomics, macromolecules and their turnover, cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions, cell motility, secretory mechanisms, membrane function, surfactant, matrix components, mucus and lining materials, lung defenses, macrophage function, transport of salt, water and protein, development and differentiation of the respiratory system, and response to the environment. Reports of research using innovative approaches in cell and organ physiology, molecular and cellular biology, molecular genetics, genomics including animal models of integrative function, biochemistry, biophysics, and morphology, are welcome. The Journal also encourages submission of original manuscripts in the field of translational physiology, an area of research that bridges the gap between basic lung, cellular, and molecular physiology and patient care. Manuscripts in this area may transfer clinical insights into hypotheses that can be tested and validated in the basic research laboratory, or they may transfer knowledge gained from basic research to human pathophysiology and to improved methods of treating or preventing disease.

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2009-03-01Neither fibrin nor plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 deficiency protects lung function in a mouse model of acute lung injuryAllen, Gilman B.; Cloutier, Mary E.; Larrabee, Yuna C.; Tetenev, Konstantin; Smiley, Stephen T.; Bates, Jason H. T.
2015-11-15Synergy between acid and endotoxin in an experimental model of aspiration-related lung injury progressionTetenev, Konstantin; Cloutier, Mary E.; von Reyn, Jessica A.; Ather, Jennifer L.; Candon, James; Allen, Gilman B.
2016-05-01Regulation of myofibroblast differentiation by cardiac glycosidesLa, Jennifer; Reed, Eleanor B.; Koltsova, Svetlana; Akimova, Olga; Hamanaka, Robert B.; Mutlu, Gökhan M.; Orlov, Sergei N.; Dulin, Nickolai O.
Ресурсы коллекции (Сортировка по Даты сохранения в по убыванию порядке): 1 по 3 из 3