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Bioactive Materials is an international, peer-reviewed research publication covering all aspects of bioactive materials. The journal welcomes the submission of research papers, reviews and rapid communications that are concerned with the science and engineering of next-generation biomaterials that come into contact with cells, tissues or organs across all living species. Bioactive materials will feature adaptiveness to the biological environment, being designed to stimulate and/or direct appropriate cellular and tissue responses, or control interactions with microbiological species. The journal publishes research on the entire range of bioactive materials that have been specifically and functionally engineered or designed in term of either their physical form (e.g. particulate, fibre, etc.), topology (e.g. porosity, surface roughness, etc.) or dimensions (i.e. macro to nano-scales). The journal invites contributions from the following categories of bioactive materials : (i) bioactive metals and alloys, (ii) bioactive inorganics: ceramics, glasses and carbon-based materials, (iii) bioactive polymers and gels, (iv) bioactive materials sourced from nature and (v) bioactive composites, for use in human or veterinary medicine as implants, tissue engineering scaffolds, cell/drug/gene carriers, imaging and sensing devices.

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2017-02-13Comparative investigations of structure and properties of micro-arc wollastonite-calcium phosphate coatings on titanium and zirconium-niobium alloySedelnikova, M.B.; Komarova, E.G.; Sharkeeva, Yu.P.; Tolkacheva, T.V.; Khlusov, I.A.; Litvinova, L.S.; Yurova, K.A.; Shupletsova, V.V.
2019-08-02Modification of titanium surface via Ag-, Sr- and Si-containing micro-arc calcium phosphate coatingSedelnikova, Mariya B.; Komarova, Ekaterina G.; Sharkeev, Yurii P.; Ugodchikova, Anna V.; Tolkacheva, Tatiana V.; Rau, Julietta V.; Buyko, Evgeny E.; Ivanov, Vladimir V.; Sheikin, Vladimir V.
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